Classes and Schedule

Class Schedule

Class Schedule for March 25-30th


The Louisiana Family Fitness Center offers a variety of classes for all fitness levels – from beginner to advanced. Here are just some of the classes we offer. Check the class schedule for more information.

Strengthen and sculpt – This class focuses on toning exercises performed to target all major muscle groups. This class can replace a workout in the weight room. The exercises are performed using free weights, stability balls, weighted bars and tubing. One with orthopedic problems should probably avoid this class. Intermediate to advanced

Water aerobics and arthritis water aerobics – These classes are held in the indoor pool. Water aerobics includes basic steps and high energy workout without stress on your body. One can perform the exercises at their own intensity. Proper form is stressed in this class. Arthritis water aerobics uses specific exercises to help relieve pain from arthritis. Beginner to advanced

Pilates – This class is performed on a mat on the floor. It helps to strengthen and tone your muscles while improving your posture, flexibility and balance. These exercises are performed with the utmost control in order to produce positive results. One must be able to get on to and up from the floor easily. Beginner to advanced

Aerobics – This class combines basic steps with dance steps. It can be modified as needed. It can be low or high impact, your choice. This class is high energy. Beginner to advanced

Zumba – This class combines Latin and International music in dance routines done to a combination of fast and slow rhythms. Beginner to advanced

Yoga – This class combines breathing exercises, physical postures and meditation to strengthen your muscles and help you find inner peace and harmony. Beginner to advanced

Group StretchingStretching class – This class is performed on the floor combining specific stretches for each muscle group to elongate the muscles in order to improve flexibility and reaffirm comfortable muscle tone. Beginner to advanced.

Indoor cycling – This class is an organized form of high intensity exercise that involves using a stationary bicycle in a classroom setting. Beginner to advanced

Step and sculpt – This class is an interval-type class where the step is used for the cardiovascular portion of the class and free weights, tubing and exercise balls are used for the sculpting portion. Beginner to advanced

Abs, buns and thighs – This class performs specific exercises that target the abdominals, glutes and legs. Beginner to advanced