Racquetball & Walleyball Court


One of the most in-demand areas of the center, the racquetball court, has been a regular meeting place for members since the center opened.

Raquetball cost is $3.00 per person per hour or purchasing a full play membership for an additional$10.00 a month on any contract . Reservations are required for use of the court by calling the center’s front desk receptionist at (337) 942-1326.


Walleyball is an extreme, faster- paced game of volleyball played on a racquetball course. The objective of the game is identical to volleyball in that you have to hit the ball over the net without letting it hit the ground. What makes walleyball more extreme is that you can hit the ball off of the walls to help create a more challenging return for the opposing team. Both side walls are playable at all times; you cannot hit the ball off of the back wall on a return. The back wall is only playable when you use it on your side of the court to help with your teams return. The ceiling is always out of play unless it is on your side of the court.

It is a sport for the whole family and suitable for ages five and up.

Reservations are required for the racquetball court for walleyball sessions. Interested groups should call the center’s front desk receptionist at (337) 942-1326 to schedule a play time.




Gym Hours

Monday-Thursday: 4:30am - 9pm

Friday: 4:30am - 8pm

Saturday: 6:30am - 5pm

Sunday: Noon - 5pm

24-hr Access Available

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