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Tora Lewis

Member of the Month for May 2016

Tora Lewis has recently flipped a new chapter in his life with a dramatic 50 lbs. weight loss. Tora has been an active gym member for some time, but recently changed his attitude and wanted to see major results. He contributes his dramatic weight loss to a life style change in his diet. Tora stopped drinking and eating junk food, fast food, fried food, and baked goods, and started finding satisfaction in his workouts and in a nutritional and healthier diet. His happy go lucky attitude has driven him straight to success. Tora is highly motivated and has other goals in mind for his future, like a half marathon.  Congrats Tora Lewis for all of the hard work and dedication to your new lifestyle.  Keep up the excellent work!




It’s all about helping people get fit and stay fit.

Group exercise

Group Exercise Schedule

Louisiana Family Fitness Center offers a variety of popular group exercise classes designed to help you meet your fitness goals. We regularly add new classes to the schedule, so check back often.

Table Talk Cafe

Table Talk Cafe

The Table Talk Café offers a variety of tasty and healthy items. From gourmet salads and guiltless burgers to sports drinks and delicious smoothies – our menu is filled with smart food choices to keep you going.

Child Care

Child Care Service

While you care for your body, we’ll care for your most precious cargo in our child care facility. We’re pleased to offer child care service at a nominal fee for all of our members.

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