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Peter Borrello April Member of the Month

 Peter Borrello is a walking advertisement for Tim McGraw’s hit song, Humble and Kind.  If you were to imagine someone with strong dedication and a self-sacrificing demeanor you would find it in this man’s overall personality.  He shares his difficult life story to motivate others.  Mr. Borrello has fought 2 battles with  cancer, struggled with depression and weight gain, and numerous other soul depleting circumstances that would break a normal person.  However, Mr. Borrello did not let these obstacles break him.  In fact, he did the exact opposite.  Mr. Borrello relieved himself of a stressful job and he started to exercise.  He began to study and learn about nutrition and dieting.  Unfortunately, Mr. Borrello carries around many “scars” and constantly reminds himself of them so that he remains motivated for his young son.  Mr. Borrello not only exercises for his health, but also for his mental well-being so that he can remain to be a positive role model for his son.   Mr. Borrello it is my great honor to bestow you as April’s Member of the Month


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Table Talk Cafe

The Table Talk Café offers a variety of tasty and healthy items. From gourmet salads and guiltless burgers to sports drinks and delicious smoothies – our menu is filled with smart food choices to keep you going.

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While you care for your body, we’ll care for your most precious cargo in our child care facility. We’re pleased to offer child care service at a nominal fee for all of our members.

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