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On a cold, dreary, and rainy morning in November, when others had opted to stay indoors, Carolyn Marks paid Louisiana Family Fitness Center a visit.  Carolyn made her usual rounds in the weight room, embracing the challenge to stay healthy and active.  You see, in 2006 Carolyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) vowed that exercise would help her prognosis.  Carolyn’s gym passion is being in the pool.  In the pool she is able to do things in heated water that she’s limited to on land. Over the past few month’s Carolyn’s commitment, dedication, and strong willed personality has completely transformed her body.  She has lost over 50 lbs. and has dropped down numerous sizes.  Carolyn contributes her success to eating correctly and exercising consistently.  She shows up each and every morning, no matter how disgusting the weather, and it has motivated our entire staff.  It is with great honor that we select Carolyn Marks as our Member of the month for December 2018.





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Group exercise

Group Exercise Schedule

Louisiana Family Fitness Center offers a variety of popular group exercise classes designed to help you meet your fitness goals. We regularly add new classes to the schedule, so check back often.

Table Talk Cafe

Table Talk Cafe

The Table Talk Café offers a variety of tasty and healthy items. From gourmet salads and guiltless burgers to sports drinks and delicious smoothies – our menu is filled with smart food choices to keep you going.

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Child Care Service

While you care for your body, we’ll care for your most precious cargo in our child care facility. We’re pleased to offer child care service at a nominal fee for all of our members.

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