Member of the Month Spotlight

Marcus Lorden

Happy New Year to all! We would like to ring in the New Year introducing our January Member of the Month, Marcus Lorden. Marcus is known by those closest to him simply as “Unk,” which is short for uncle. Unk is an employee at Prejean’s Cajun Restaurant in Carencro, La. He has been a member at Louisiana Family Fitness Center since May of 2019! He mentioned that a family member told him about the gym earlier this year, and he came in for a visit and loved it—the atmosphere and convenience of amenities to choose from is what appealed to him most.

Unk’s favorite food is plain Jane Spaghetti and meatballs. His dream vacation/trip would be to Las Vegas to hit up the casino scenes. Marcus self-describes himself as “charming” and would like others to know he is sincere and approachable. His main focus for getting into better shape is the desire to lead a healthier life. Marcus started his journey with the goal to lose 100lbs and achieve a higher level of fitness. He is currently down 50lbs in 8 months and still going strong. His motivation is strictly himself, stating, “You have to be self-motivated. No one will help you; you just have to keep pushing and trying to reach your goals”.

One of Unk’s other goals when starting his membership was to be chosen as Member of the Month at some point. He has achieved that and much more on his fitness journey so far. Thanks for being a model member of our facility, and we wish you the best on the rest of your goals. Congratulations on being the first member of the month for 2020!